Anyone can be a friend…it’s easy!

That’s why we named our organization Faithful Friends Kentucky.

Here’s a look at some ways we build relationships with nursing home residents.

Social Outings

We love to get residents out into the community as they are able. In our area, this means that we must arrange for their transportation through our Medicaid public transit system. Non-medical trips via this system are not free, and so we help with the costs to the resident if the facility does not cover it. And of course, lunch is on us!

Group Activities

A great way to get to know residents is to attend group activities with them. Attending parties, playing games, and making crafts is a no-pressure way to hang out with them. It also helps the staff to have an extra set of hands!

Community Involvement

Some of the most fun we’ve had with residents is introducing them to new friends and connecting them with various groups in our community. We love to find ways to partner with like-minded organizations or individuals.

One-on-One Visits

Many residents cannot get out of their beds or they prefer not to attend group activities. These are important residents to visit. We also have the privilege of visiting and sitting with those who are nearing the end of their life. Sometimes these people don’t have anyone to be with them. We are honored to share some of their final days with them as we extend compassion that honors and dignifies their life.

“Faithful Friends Kentucky is truly a blessing to all of the nursing homes in our area with everything they do to help out. So many residents don’t have family to visit and Faithful Friends has really stepped in to make a difference.”
Megan McFadden
Quality of life director, Hermitage care & rehabilitation

We miss much of the wisdom and glory of old age when the elderly dwell apart. Ancient times did not have government-run nursing homes, social-security programs, or retirement centers. All three converged in one place: the household. With multigenerational living now mostly a thing of the past in the West, we pick and choose to see our elderly family or not, affording them little influence in our lives.

–from Greg Morse, staff writer for Desiring God